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The play registrations for Thespo 25 are now closed.
Thank you!

What are the rules & regulations?

Thespo 25 Website Box .jpg

What are the rules and regulations?

Age Criteria

Everyone in your team must be 25 years of age or below. i.e. Born in 1997 or after. Does not apply to writers & producers.

Refundable Deposit

There is a nominal refundable deposit of ₹.1000/- to confirm your registration.

Play Duration

The play must be a minimum of 60 minutes long. The 

Confirmation of payment

Once we reveive the payment in our bank, we will send a confirmation mail with a receipt for your payment.


Any copyrighted music/script cannot be used without acquiring permission. E.g If you ask your friend for that amazing flute composition, you need permission

Payment Details

Once you fill the for, team Thespo will share the payment detsils with you.

Thespo 25 Website Box .jpg

A Stage for every shade

Any Language or Genre

The play can be in any language and can be of any genre!

Eg. Baksa, a play from Bangalore, was a non-verbal, physical form of theatre. 

Original or Adapted

The play can be your original story or an adaptation of an existing play.

Eg. Bhanvar from Thespo 18 was an original play.  Dalan from Thespo 10 an was adapted play.

Work In Progress

The  group/individual can register a play even if it is a ‘Work In Progress.’ 

P.S. The team must still show a performance which is a minimum of 60 mins.

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