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The Map of Thespo 25


Through a month of successful 22 First Calls, we reached out to young enthusiasts from all across the globe. We discovered that they couldn’t wait to get into the rehearsal room.


We have ended up with a whopping 148 registrations from 20 cities ranging as far as Patna!

Our screening panel, Priti Bakalkar and Siddhesh Purkar, are al set to embark on a long and exciting yatra, and bring the best of them to Mumbai.

Meet the Screening Panel

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Priti Bakalkar

Priti, a former microbiologist and lawyer, has been dedicated to the performing arts for twelve years. After leaving a fifteen-year corporate career, she has worked behind the scenes with organizations like The Drama School, Mumbai and QTP Entertainment. She has been associated with Indianostrum Théâtre (Pondicherry), British Council, India (Arts Division),Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan Mumbai and Bhasha Centre for Performing Arts Pvt. Ltd. Priti, has contributed to QTP's blog and also served as a  Screening Panellist in Thespo 19 . Despite a preference for offstage roles, she stays connected to the stage through workshops and occasional guest appearances. 
Outside work, 

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Siddhesh Purkar

Siddhesh Purkar, a Pune-based writer and actor, is renowned for plays like "Item," "Kabaadi Uncut," "Patient," and "Kabutar Ja Ja Ja." "Item" won Best Play at the 2018 META festival, while "Patient" and "Kabaadi Uncut" received Thepo Best Play awards. Siddhesh, known for translating "White Rabbit Red Rabbit" into Marathi, excels in experimental and commercial plays. including Marathi musicals like "Chakra" and "Amar Photo Studio." which have performed nationally and internationally. 

Beyond theatre, Siddhesh is a film writer with credits in projects such as "One Last Question," and "Zombivali." As an actor, he has made notable appearances in "Sacred Games S2," "Lootcase," "Baapjanma," "Dhurala," and more.

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