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Thespo's Initiatives

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Theatre Bugs

Have you ever attended a play alone and wished that someone else had tagged along? Have you ever wanted to have an in-depth conversation about a play with the cast and crew? Cue in: Theatre Bugs.

Thespo @ Prithvi

In our constant efforts to build opportunities for young theatre groups on a professional playing field, we tied up with Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai and came up with Thespo at Prithvi aka TAP.


Thespo Audio-Torium

The Audio-Torium initiative arose from Thespo’s commitment to keep the spirit of theatre alive through the pandemic. It is designed to encourage and facilitate emerging artists’ exploration of the audio medium, through workshops, masterclasses and mentoring sessions surrounding various aspects of audio storytelling – sound design, writing, recording and editing, production and direction.

Thespo Ink

Once every 3 months, there is an explosion of drama in our e-magazine. From quirky interviews, opinions, stories from faraway lands, to theatre trivia and play recommendations, all written and designed by those under 25, about those, who under 25.


Saturday Open House

The newest addition to our list of initiatives, people that are drawn to the movement head to the Thespo Adda. With a plate of biscuits and squash, we delve into the whats, whys and hows of Thespo.

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